new in the city /On my tours through Hamburg I am interested not only in buildings and monuments, but also in the vibrant street life it offers. This is the origin of a guidebook (offered only in German) with more detailed looks at established as well as newer stores that have mushroomed from the various neighborhoods over the last few years.

 Paul Klein
111 Geschäfte in Hamburg, die man erlebt haben muss
Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen | ca. 240 Seiten | Euro 14,95 /
New: hanseatic wine trade – a new tour in historic costume will start in March 2014 / The role of Hamburg as »the bear brewing house« of the Hanseatic League is widely known. But the outstanding role wine-trade played in the economy and life of the city has fallen into oblivion. The councilor's wine cellar in Hamburg instead had been famous for its endless casks of white wine from the Rhine valley stored there up to 1842 when the wine cellar became victim of the »Great Fire« For merchants and wine traders red wine from Bordeaux had been a important merchandise since the time of the Hanseatic League and even grown in its economical relevance in the 18th century. A wine trader will accompany you to the only preserved vaulted cellar in the warehouses, where in the casks a red wine-specialty is ripening. Anecdotes and wine tasting will make this walk threw Hamburg's History an informative and amusing entertainment.
Walk with wine tasting: three hours – Tour will start in March 2014
»carl philipp emanuel bach« / 300th anniversary of his birth in 2014
On March 8, 1714 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was born in Weimar, the fifth child and second son of Johann Sebastian Bach. From 1768 up to his death in 1788 he served as the Director of Music in Hamburg. For this reason a huge number of celebrations are being planned in Hamburg. I have chosen as my main focus a visit to the Saint Michaeliskirche and the crypt where Bach is buried. /
new: galleries arround the corner /

Czech Glass Art
Glasgallery Stölting /

Tibetan Knotting art
Jan Kath Hamburg /

Gallery Hafenliebe
Sculptures from Simbabwe and changing presentations of art /
Publikation von Paul Klein
Publikation von Paul Klein