stadt / land / fluss / The name of my company, literally »city / land / river«, is drawn from that of a popular child's play and has molded my program since 1999 doing sightseeing tours from A to Z in a playful way. I show visitors from English- and Italian-speaking countries around in Hamburg and Northern Germany. By profession a lawyer I have my many interests in history, art and architecture my professional activity. / more
hamburg / The town scenery reflects both the providences of nature and the technical intelligence of those who built it. In this city built on islands this means first and foremost levees and waterways as well as buildings dedicated to the business of trade. They all give testimony to the history of this city. If you want to understand Hamburg, keep your eye on two areas: the lake and river shores of the Alster and the ports situated on the Elbe.  / more
walking the city / My guided walks combine topographical, historical and architectural highlights. Trading and shipping have always stood in the foreground of Hamburg's history. For this reason, I offer special history tours where I am dressed in the coat and top-hat style of the old Hanseatic merchants. One can also see the town and the harbor via water tours from the rivers and canals.  / more
waterways / Hamburg was built on islands in an estuary that were formed by the tidal stream of the river 70 miles from its mouth at the North Sea. Both the town and the harbor are crisscrossed by countless waterways which allow to explore not only the streets but also very enjoyable, the waterways on boat trips. Harbor tours start at the landings at St.Pauli and next to the docklands. Boat trips on the Alster start next to the townhall and cruise the lake and rivers.  / more
country cruises / Within reach of Hamburg lie the Hanseatic cities of Bremen, Stade, Lüneburg and Lübeck as well as many other lovely towns with their stately castles, examples being Schloss-Gottorf or Schloss-Schwerin. Such a trip through the countryside is defined by the wonderful landscapes and the many noble houses passed on the way.  / more
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